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Fire Pit Makeover!

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This week, we wanted to share another one of our outdoor renovations! It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with our Harwood Happy Place… and while there's certainly lots of Beyond Basics Design inside the house, we put just as much effort into the exterior space! aside from having the boat on the water, and enjoying the lakefront, our fire pit is our favorite gathering space! Take a look at our fire pit transformation:

While our firepit area was still functional before this project, the slope of our yard made this conversation space a little uncomfortable for people sitting downhill! After a couple of summers of using this fire pit space, we decided we needed to level it out!

Rather than hiring a contractor to do this, we enlisted the help of our neighbors… and their “professional equipment!” This is Jake!

He used his sophisticated landscaping machine, (AKA: a four-wheeler with an attached snow plow, AKA: our "REDNECK GRADER") to scrape the top side of the slope and fill in the low side. Once the area around the fire pit was leveled out, we added a few truckloads of sand (from another neighbor’s new home construction site). 

Some large river stones (pulled from the side of our garage and driveway) placed around the edges completed the look, and our fire pit is much more comfortable to sit around! Not to mention, it’s also way more inviting and pleasing to look at!

Combined with our Planter String Light DIY from last week's blog post, we couldn't be happier with our outdoor space!

Of course, not everyone has the need or desire to level out their fire pit area! If you're looking for a simple addition to cozy up YOUR fire pit space, we have created a new wood sign just for it! 

If you were inspired by any of our outdoor projects, tag us on Instagram or Facebook and use the hashtag: #BeyondBasicsDesign so we can see your renovations! Stay tuned for next week's blog for even more NEW seasonal signs just in time for summer!

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