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DIY: Plain Patio to Cozy Oasis

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Our (Beyond Basic) Design Tips from April aren't just for inside your home - implement our tips and tricks in your outdoor spaces too! This week, we have a fantastic DIY that brings all our design tips together (Color, Texture, and Lighting!).

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Here's a list of materials (and links!) we used to put our planter string light patio together!

Now for the fun part! Putting it all together! We promise, it's all easier than it sounds!

  1. Lay out lights and pots in approximate locations - for the most visual appeal, be sure to hide the connecting plugs between strands of lights around the wood posts. 
  2. TEST the lights!
  3. Position pots upright where they will stay - they’re too heavy to move once they’re filled with concrete!
  4. Place a concrete block in bottom of each planter pot
  5. Stand the wood post inside the block 
  6. Fill in and around the block with quikrete according to package instructions. (you only need to add concrete so that it just covers the block - one bag should do the trick!) 
  7. allow the concrete to dry, making sure your post is level before it sets! (we used clamps and a level to do this)
  8. After the quikrete is dry, drill a drain hole through each side of the planter pot (2-4 holes if you choose a round pot) just above the top of set quikrete to allow any rain to drain out 
  9. Add landscape/garden rocks to each pot to cover the concrete and fill the planter up (we used 2 bags in each of our pots)
  10. Carefully attach lights to the top of the posts using cable fasteners
  11. Fill the planters with your favorite decorative plants & flowers - Using mulch makes for a more natural look! our neighbors thought ours were real… and so do some of the visiting deer!
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When you're finished, you'll be surprised at how easy it was to transform your outdoor space! Finish your patio with furniture to fit your needs (dining, lounging, entertaining). Add color and texture with rugs or pillows to create a more cozy, inviting space that matches the charm of your new planters and lights!

We hope you’ll implement this DIY into your outdoor space and share it with us on social media! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook and use the hashtag: #BeyondBasicsDesign ! Stay tuned for the rest of May where we'll be sharing more outdoor and seasonal decorating tips!