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The story behind the design

· Inside BBD

I just have to share a funny little story behind my inspiration for this design…

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent the last month (or two) cleaning, decluttering, organizing and redecorating… I have STARTED about three dozen different projects and now, being the procrastinator that I am, I need the next month (or two) to get them all DONE!

Now, I need to explain that MOST of my days are spent running around like a CRAZY person, like a chicken with its head cut off - trying to accomplish ALL the things. And more often than not, I get distracted (squirreled) by… pretty much EVERYTHING!

But once in a while, I get to enjoy an “all-shop day.” A WHOLE day completely dedicated to BBD! For me, these “all-shop days” - without any (scheduled) distractions - are very few and far between... but I absolutely LOVE these days because it’s on these days that I am actually focused. I am on a MISSION to get it all done!

It is also on these days that I always catch myself saying “get shit done” over and over, all day long! (sometimes in my head, but usually out loud - in a low, grumbly, WWE wrestler sort of voice) Sounds silly, I know, but it’s extremely MOTIVATING for me... and accomplishing all the things makes me feel so HAPPY!

So I created this design for those other days… those CRAZY days. Those days when my squirrels would get the best of me and at the end of the day, I would feel overwhelmed and defeated. So now, with this sign prominently displayed, I have a daily reminder to continue moving forward, to GET SHIT DONE!

CLICK THE PHOTO ABOVE to get this "GET SHIT DONE" wood sign for your own daily motivation! Choose from two sizes... 9x12 for a regular daily dose of motivation or 16.5x22 for a venti - in your face - reminder! (of course I have the big one in my studio!)

And if you’re wondering about the contrasting “SH,” I had seen a similar design on Pinterest and realized that it’s not ALWAYS necessary to swear like a sailor.

This blogging thing is kinda growing on me... I really am EXCITED to continue sharing more about Beyond Basics Design, inside the business, behind the scenes, and the all-around chaos and creativity that is... beyond the basics! (I mean, who doesn't like talking about doing what you love/loving what you do?) Subscribe to the blog below so you never miss an update!