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(Beyond Basics) Design Tip #3: Accent Lighting!

This month, we're sharing some easy design tips that you can implement in your home! Share with us on social media by tagging us and using the hashtag #BeyondBasicsDesign !

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In our overhaul of our basement work space, limited ceiling lighting was leaving the room feeling dark and uninspiring. This week, we want to give you some of our tips on how to brighten any space with accent lighting like in this room!

Sometimes overhead or natural lighting just doesn’t cut it, especially at night. And in your living or working space, you want to feel invited into a room full of light! Calling an electrician for a lighting overhaul isn’t always feasible, but simple accent lighting is a cheap, easy, AND trendy way to bring much-needed illumination to any room!

In our work space, the two ceiling bulbs definitely were NOT enough to brighten the whole room... but simple indoor/outdoor string lights added great warmth! These kinds of lights come in tons of varieties of cord color AND bulb type (like trendy Edison bulbs!). They also are a super easy way to add all-around lighting to a large portion of any room! (PSSST! For the renters and those without mounting tools: try command hooks to efficiently hang those string lights!)

Adding string lights over a headboard makes a bed look even cozier and they work great on their own as a reading light in the evenings! No need to get out of bed to turn off that overhead light! A salt lamp on the nightstand also adds some boho, pink lighting to this otherwise dark bedroom!

Another simple option: table lamps! They can add great texture to a dim area and can be easily thrifted or DIYed with spray paint and a little ribbon of color! 

And don’t forget about task lighting! In our work space, we love these puck lights (remote controlled) under the shelving which illuminate the desk! 

A simple desk lamp with a bendable neck provides great task lighting at our sewing table too!

We hope you’re inspired to implement some of these lighting ideas into your own space and share it with us on social media! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook and use the hashtag: #BeyondBasicsDesign ! Subscribe below and stay tuned through the rest of April where we will continue to share our (beyond basic) design tips!

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