• The Story of Beyond Basics Design

    The Artist

    Hi! My name is Angie Harwood and, among many things, I am an Energetic (some might say Crazy!) DIYer/Maker/Crafter who LOVES making people smile with my designs! I am a Designer (Interior Designer and Graphic Designer - by degree). I am also a Procrastinator, yet I am a Perfectionist - sometimes to a fault. I am a Daughter, a Sister, a Friend, and Above all else, I am a Wife to the Most Loving and Supportive Husband and I am a Mom to the two Most Exceptional Kids who never cease to amaze me with their own talents. Without them, this awesome little sign-making Journey would never exist!

    But enough about me...

    The Beginning

    After purchasing our "Happy Place" in 2015, creating HAPPY signs became an obsession! It started with "HARWOOD Happy Place" which led to "This is our Happy Place" - over the bar, of course!, and then "Why Limit Happy To Just an Hour?" - also by the bar (just a little peek into our drinking habits). And after a few other random signs, i thought i was finally finished when I completed our "Lake Life wall o' signs" ...a collection of 20 signs in total!!! But, oh was I wrong! All of our "Happy Place" signs turned into a couple custom orders ...which became a few more personalized signs ...and then a whole bunch more! It was THEN that I realized that I not only enjoyed making signs that made ME happy, but that I really do have a PASSION for creating products that MAKE OTHERS HAPPY!!


    The Products

    All of our designs are carefully created with an obsessive attention to detail. They are all hand-painted. Each piece is hand-crafted from rustic, reclaimed crate or pallet wood, fallen trees or branches, and many other up-cycled (usually wooden) finds.

    All of our products are proudly MADE IN AMERICA - Wisconsin, actually. =D

    The "HAPPY" Guarantee

    While personalized signs are not returnable, if you are not 110% HAPPY with your Beyond Basics Design sign or other creation, just let us know within 3 days of delivery and we will happily work with you to make it right!