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    WARNING: I am not a blogger - I’m not even a great writer. I get "squirreled"... I go off on tangents and am distracted by pretty much everything! (like a dog chasing squirrels) So please bear with me while I attempt to share a little more about Beyond Basics Design... the people behind the business, the inspiration and processes behind the art, some decorating and DIY tips, and a glimpse into the ever-changing "perfect chaos" that I call LIFE.

    2021年4月9日 · DIY,Decorating,Inside BBD
    In our overhaul of our basement work space, limited ceiling lighting was leaving the room feeling dark and uninspiring. This week, we want to give you some of our tips on how to brighten any space with accent lighting like in this room! Sometimes overhead or natural lighting just doesn’t cut it...
    2021年4月2日 · Inside BBD
    I just have to share a funny little story behind my inspiration for this design… If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent the last month (or two) cleaning, decluttering, organizing and redecorating… I have STARTED about three dozen different projects and now, being the procrastinator that I am,...
    2021年3月26日 · Decorating,DIY,Inside BBD
    In our last post, we shared some inspiration and tips for creating your own gallery walls… no worries if you missed it, you can read about that here. Today, we’ll continue on the topic of gallery walls with an example of how one customer completed their own gallery wall with custom wood signs! If...
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