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(Beyond Basics) Design Tip #2: Texture!

This month, we're sharing some easy design tips that you can implement in your home! Share with us on social media by tagging us and using the hashtag #BeyondBasicsDesign !

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Last week, we talked about accent lighting, and now we're giving you more tips to spruce up your space! This week: TEXTURE! Adding rugs, throw pillows, and blankets to a room are all great ways to do this... but what about your walls? Adding textured paint, stone or brick walls can be impactful (as well as time-consuming and permanent), but the addition of wall art is a simple and easy solution to add texture to any room! Mixing photos, framed art, textiles and signs are all great ways to get more texture in your space. Statement pieces like this Wood Slice World Map Large Wall Art work great as a stand alone piece too!

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"Why add texture?" you might be thinking... Well, texture ATTRACTS THE EYE and is essential for ADDING INTEREST to a room. Introduce some diversity in the way of a chunky-knit throw, rustic timber furniture or even a leafy indoor plant. These earthy objects will work wonders to add a sense of soul to your home. 

Texture also softens the acoustics of a room, reducing the echo and making the space feel more cozy! Textiles are a great way to do this; funky rugs and tapestries or wall hangings dampen echoes and make a room feel even cozier!

Take a look at this little gallery wall from Nicky! Our Wood Slice State Map Sign and Choose Happy Round Wood Sign add great texture and variety to her framed art and photos!

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Sally loves our Wood Slice State Map Sign too! This wall has great texture with a CUSTOM live-edge welcome sign and wood slice banner!

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Maria was already working with her own textured brick walls, but our Cities - Subway Art Wood Signs and some plants added even more texture and interest to her space!

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We hope you’ll implement some of these ideas for adding TEXTURE into your space and share it with us on social media! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook and use the hashtag: #BeyondBasicsDesign ! Stay tuned through the rest of April where we will continue to share our (beyond basic) design tips!