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Outdoor Entertaining Made Easy!

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Hosting outdoor parties is just one of the many things we love to do in Summer! If you are a frequent party host like us, you probably already know that there’s more to planning a party than just inviting a few people and setting up some chairs. While party planning does take some effort, you can have a successful soiree without party preparations taking over your life! We've got a few great tips to make your next party a stress-free success!

1. Pick A Theme!

parties are always more fun with a theme, and they streamline the planning process! Whether your theme is related to a holiday like the 4th of July, or an experience like a movie night or wine tasting, having this theme in mind will make choosing decorations, menu options, and activities easier!

2. Plan Your Menus! (food and drinks!)

Will you be grilling out or preparing food ahead of time to be self served? A sit down dinner or casual grazing food? Your theme will help you determine what's best for you! As for drinks, we've got you covered with some great outdoor accessories! Serving signature cocktails? Our serving trays are just what you need!

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Planning a BYOB event? This cup holder is great for those plastic red cups!

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3. Create A Guest-Ready Outdoor Space!

While a total outdoor remodel isn't always on the agenda in the party planning process, make your space more inviting with these lovely outdoor signs!

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Be sure to supply enough seating or request your guests to bring chairs! Ample table space is needed either for serving and eating or for gathering around for conversation! Outdoor lighting or a cozy fire pit ensures the party can carry on after dark! Don’t forget about pest control! Flies, mosquitos, and bees are all unwanted guests that may just show their ugly little heads. Consider having your space treated professionally or have plenty of bug spray on hand.

4. Have A Backup Plan!

While outdoor festivities are always fun, inclement weather can be unpredictable! Umbrellas and tents provide shady spaces and protection from possible rain. Worst-case scenario, a tidy indoor space can keep the party rockin'!

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With these tips (and Beyond Basics Design products), your next outdoor party will be the backyard bash everyone’s talking about for years to come!