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(Beyond Basics) Design Tip #1: Color!

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Choosing a color scheme is a big step in designing - or redesigning - any space! If you feel lost or overwhelmed when it comes to color, read on to learn a few tricks of the trade to make choosing a color scheme easy and fun!

Color theory charts like the one above can seem super complicated at first, but show important patterns in color relationships! Here's some simple tips that can help you use good color theory in your space:

  • Complements:  An eye-catching accent color and some neutrals work great together, but what if you want MORE color? Try using the COMPLEMENTARY color (the one opposite on the color wheel!)
  • Keep it simple:  Got a favorite color for your room? Make the color choices easy by using different shades and tints of that same color! You'll bring more variety in the lights and darks without having to make difficult color pairings!
  • Hey there neighbor:  Using "neighbors" on the color wheel (analagous colors) are another simple way to take the color pairings easy on yourself!
  • Start with an accent color:  Choose ONE color that you know you want in your space, then find it on the color wheel. Use the "color properties" and "color relationships" to find other colors that work well with that first one!

If you're not sure where to start with color, these wood signs are a great place to get inspiration or to use as your accent color!

Colors are a powerful way to add to the mood of a space! Warm colors can be exciting, upbeat, and inviting! Cool colors can be soothing, calm, and relaxing! in combination with great LIGHTING and TEXTURE,  your colors will POP! Using the tips above, we're sure you'll be able to make your space look like it was put together by an interior designer! 

We hope you’ll implement some of these color ideas into your space and share it with us on social media! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook and use the hashtag: #BeyondBasicsDesign !

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